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The Making Of Corky
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Corky the Catfish ... was inspired by an ad in the NashvilleTennessean newspaper .. There was a call to local artists to send in how you would paint or decorate a 7 foot fiberglass catfish and name your project  ... Well Susie of course wanted to do some clay work on one .. You could submit as many designs as you wanted  and felt you could  make in the given time ... Susie ask me to come with an idea .... I thought ... hey Susie has been collecting wine corks for at least 20 years .. she had corks from all over Europe when she was touring there . The other bandmates would come home with  fine clocks from Switzerland  Susie would come home with a bag of corks ! She always told me that one day she wanted to build a cork raft and float down the river drinking a bottle of wine .  I suggested how about  decorate the fish with the wine corks and call it 
"Drinks Like A Fish"   What a great idea ! Our idea was one of the first to be sponsored ... Wouldn't ya just know it ....
 Tennessee Wine & Sprits  Sponsored our fish  !
So all the years of collecting corks went into a very Good Cause  ! helping keep our Cumberland River clean ..